• How do I get access to the members area of this site? It's asking me to Sign in.
    • If you are currently a member at Cedar Cottage Community Garden and are using a Gmail address with the garden, simply login as you would for Gmail
    • If you don't have a gmail address you can still login using your garden email address and associated google account
    • If you're still having trouble accessing the 'Members Area' then please read this document.
    • If that does not help then please send an email to themembershipteam@cedarcottagegarden.org
  • How do I open the combination lock on the shed?
    • Turn RIGHT 3 times. Stop at 1st number.
    • Turn LEFT one full turn passing 1st number and stop at 2nd number.
    • Turn RIGHT and stop at 3rd number.
    • Pull shackle.
  • How do I log my community volunteer hours?
    • Click on the "Members Area" tab toward the top of this site
    • At this point you may have to login to your Google account
    • Click on the "Log Hours" tab
    • Fill in the form by entering the information requested, being sure to give your email address used by the garden
    • Click on the SUBMIT button