Some past garden projects include:

  • The Garden: The garden was started in May, 2008 with 22 raised plots (now part of the B-section) and a small orchard. Click here to see some photos of the early planning or here to see the early stages of construction.
  • Spring Fling!: Our annual Spring Fling! fundraiser began in our first year, and has been held every year since. It is popular with both garden members and local residents, who enjoy the opportunity to take a tour of the garden and purchase plants, seedlings, food, and browse the various merchant stalls. Click here to see some photos of our annual Spring Fling! from 2009, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2019.
  • Garden Shed: The garden shed was built within 20 feet of the original Lakeview station on the BC Electric Railway that once ran between Vancouver and New Westminster. The style of the structure reflects the design of a typical station stop on the Central Park line. It is a three-quarter scale replica of the building that stood there from ~1900 to 1935. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on October 25th, 2009. Click here to see some photos of the shed construction.
  • Food Forest: The food forest was constructed in early 2010, as a permaculture area - shifting traditional garden practices to integrate principles and cycles observed in natural ecosystems. The goal was to create productive, self-sustaining systems that use water efficiently, build healthy soil and provide food for people, pollinators, and wildlife. Click here to see some photos of the food forest construction or here to see how it looked just a year later.
  • Triangle Garden: During the summer of 2010, 40 raised double plots were built and surrounded by a "living fence" of espaliered fruit trees, berry bushes, and common gardens. The triangle garden (or T-section) was later expanded to 46 plots. Click here to see some photos of the construction of the T-section.
  • Lawns to Loaves: We planted and grew approximately 1,500 sq ft of hard red spring wheat! This was harvested in September 2011, threshed, milled, and the flour shared among all Lawns to Loaves participants. Thanks to all Cedar Cottage gardeners that helped prepare the field and harvest the wheat. We were by far the largest grower for the project. At a celebration party in October of 2011, participants made 90+ pizzas with our wheat, that were devoured by about 100 guests.
  • 10th Anniversary Party: In July 2018 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a long table dinner in the garden. The event was a huge success, thanks to the volunteers who helped plan, shop, setup, cook, serve, and pack away. Click here to see some photos of the 10th Anniversary dinner.

Lakeview disaster:

The plaque mounted to the garden's shed commemorates the Lakeview disaster. Further details on the accident can be found at the Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

Below: B.C. Electric Railway Company car "Sumas" at the Lakeview Station on the Central Park line, taken around 1903. The image is in the public domain and was made available by the City of Vancouver Archives.

Below: B.C. Electric Railway Company car 1310 at Lakeview Station on the Central Park line, crossing Hull Street.

You can learn more about the Central Park line of the BC Electric Railway in a 2009 article from Translink's Buzzer blog.