SkyTrain Expo Line

Today, transportation provides the prominent physical feature of the community garden's site, with the SkyTrain's elevated guideway and passing trains dominating physically, visually, and aurally. The SkyTrain entered full service on January 3rd, 1986.

As part of the development some 20 parks were created along the BC Parkway, a 26-kilometre path along the SkyTrain’s Expo Line. One of these, the Austrian Canadian Heritage Park, is now encompassed by the garden. A significant feature of the park is the stylized "A", painted in the red and white colours of the Austrian flag, which acts as an entrance to the plaza located under the SkyTrain guideway.

Cedar Cottage Community Garden used to identify its location as being "under the Skytrain tracks at the big red 'A' where Hull Street meets Victoria Drive."

2009 image of the Austrian Canadian Heritage Park